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Privacy Policy


We value your privacy as much as you do. We do not sell nor do we share any information with anyone!

Payment Information:

  1. If you pay using a credit card, we use "PayPal" as our credit card merchant account. You do not need a PayPal account to use your credit card. PayPal does not do anything different than any other merchant service or bank that is processing your credit card.
  2. If it is your first time using your credit card to be processed by PayPal, they will ask all the same information as any other Merchant or bank processing service. However, they will ask one additional question and that is for a "Password". Often when this question comes up, you will think.. "I DONT HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT or PASSWORD!"  This is not what they are asking for, they are asking for you to type in a password because they will use that password to setup a PERSONAL PayPal account automatically for you.
  3. Your credit card will be associated with that personal account from then on...
  4. It is best that you "STORE, RECORD or COPY the email address you used as well as the password because the next time you go to any website online and that website is using paypal, you can instantly  pay using your credit card information from your "Personal PayPal" account and will not have to re-input the credit card information along with everything else making your buying experience more enjoyable.
  5. WE DO NOT STORE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION... PAYPAL DOES and it is completely safe and secure!

PayPal Horror Stories Unfounded: WE LOVE PAYPAL!

In all of our years using PayPal, we have not had any issues with them. When we hear the sad and bad stories it's usually a result of people attempting to Trick, Hack, Manipulate Paypal in one way or the other. When they get caught and Paypal freezes their account, they use every excuse except the truth to make it sound like it's not their fault. We have actually had a couple of people claim difficulities with PayPal and then when I have questioned them a litter deeper, I find that they were attempting to "work the system" and the results were not good. So all in all, PayPal is an EXCELLENT Business TOOL but don't play games with them.